Mr. Boogie Woogie


From the early days of 3/4" portapak color video...


Mr. Boogie Woogie: Video quality still


"...a new DVD about the life of barrelhouse pianist Mose Vinson from Memphis, filmed in the late 70's when Vinson was at his peak, it's a must for every prewar blues fan (yes country blues can also be piano)."
- Michael Hortig (Austria)

"'We called him 'Mr. Boogie Woogie,'" Memphis Slim explains, in his affectionate tribute to his less successful colleague...Vinson's Holly Springs boyhood as the son of a Saturday Night musician, his failure as a sharecropper, his involvement with the Baptist church, his lonely life now... all are captured with striking visuals... The intimacy that the small-format video medium can provide is displayed here to its fullest extent... Vinson's world is beautiful, troubled, and important."

- Film Library Quarterly


"A straightforward look at blues pianist Mose Vinson - the interviews from his boyhood home in Mississippi intercut with the man at his piano, singing in his soulful wail, which is where he really shines."

- L.A. Weekly


Mr. Boogie Woogie: Photo of Mose Vinson


30 minutes, 3/4" video, color, 1978. Director:  Alexis Krasilovsky


Category: Documentary

Plot Keywords: African-American studies, African-American culture, Blues, Boogie Woogie, ethnomusicology, Memphis, Mississippi, music, musicians, piano

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Special Features Include:

- Mose Vinson Plays the Blues (audio)


Additional Film:

- Just Between Me and God


Mr. Boogie Woogie: Just Between Me and God still

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