Epicenter U.


Epicenter U. shows people what it's like to survive after an earthquake. This half-hour documentary is also a film about filmmaking - a multi-cultural portrait of film students from a university which suffered $350 million in damages, with lives and classrooms lost.



"From gripping testimonials to comic relief, the new film Epicenter U. chronicles the impact of the Northridge Earthquake on the people of California State University, Northridge."
- Daily News

"I have never been in an earthquake. While watching the film I really felt, for the first time, the cost to both the individual and the community of such a disaster. Drawing on her own original filmmaking style developed over years of notable filmmaking, she uses a collage of techniques (cinema verite, direct camera address interviews, slow motion, essayist documentary, poetry) to explore the film's complex and elusive subject matter. More importantly, perhaps, is her collaboration with her students. She gives them a real voice."
- Dr. Michelle Citron, Radio-Television-Film Department, Northwestern University

28 minutes, 16mm, color (1995) A Rafael Film Production.

Category: Documentary

Plot Keywords: earthquake, disasters, students, student filmmaking, cinema verite

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