Alexis Krasilovsky
Alexis Krasilovsky


Some Women Writers Kill Themselves:
Selected Videopoems and Poetry of Alexis Krasilovsky


" impressive collection by an accomplished multimedia artist who has been at her craft since the mid-1970's... it should be required viewing..."
- Ryk McIntyre,
complete review:


"Alexis Krasilovsky, in her poetry videos, works expertly with contradiction. Her poems speak of disaster and despair, yet produce feelings of hope."
- G. Murray Thomas, Next


"...Southern California's poetry video diva."
- Beyond Baroque

Some Women Writers Kill Themselves: 2 Weeks in Nevada Poem
2 Weeks in Nevada


WINNER: "Best of the Fest" Literary Award 2008 - Austin Woman's Film, Music & Literary Festival

"...makes my hair stand on end."
- Jan Seides

Alexis Krasilovsky photo by III

Alexis Krasilovsky's poetry has appeared in numerous films and videos, including Exile, Epicenter U., and What Memphis Needs, which aired on PBS' The 90's nationwide. Born in Alaska and educated at Smith, Yale and California Institute of the Arts, she currently lives in Los Angeles.

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Associate Producer: Reseda Mickey
DVD Authoring: Katey Bright
DVD Mastering: Brian Dehler, Cine-O-Matic
Sound Recording: Ann Krupa Klamer
Cover Layout: Katey Bright
Cover Art/Photo: Three
Poetry Editing: Julia Stein

Video Poems included:
- Videopoems by Alexis Krasilovsky including Camp Terezin, What Memphis Needs and others.

View a clip of What Memphis Needs

Some Women Writers Kill Themselves: Camp Terezin drawing

Selected poems from:
- Abuse of Privacy
- Some Men
- Some Women Writers Kill Themselves
- Self-Portrait as a Geisha

Self Portrait


Category: Poetry

Plot Keywords: Poetry, Videopoems, Cinepoems, Experimental films, feminism

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Blood (1975) - the first punk film.

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