Alexis Krasilovsky
Alexis Krasilovsky



"Such films do more than increase East-West understanding and reduce tensions; they also serve to emphasize that we are all essentially one people, which may be the best hope for our world."

- Barbra Streisand


Exile: Family photo from Vienna, Austria


- Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

View 1930's Vienna in EXILE


Exile: Family photo on boat enroute to America

"Alexis Krasilovsky's Exile offers both a personal and historical perspective on intolerance. Tracing the roots of her family over 200 years to the small town of Nikolsburg, Czechoslovakia, Krasilovsky's 28-minute film returns to the place where generations of persecution for her Jewish ancestors began. In Prague, in Vienna where some Jews still hide their heritage behind a Protestant facade, in Dachau where Krasilovsky's pianist uncle's hands were frozen, and in New York where she grew up, the filmmaker explores a history of exile, fear, hiding and imprisonment and brings to life a rich world of art and learning shattered by the Holocaust."
- The Independent

28 minutes, 16mm, color (1984) A Rafael Film Production.

Category: Documentary

Plot Keywords: Judaica, Czechoslovakia, Austrian Jews, Dachau, Holocaust

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