Alexis Krasilovsky
Alexis Krasilovsky


Some Women Writers Kill Themselves:


A feminist film about cows made in the heart of America's conservative dairyland.


- Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

"There are a couple of cows in 18th century landscapes. In the 19th century, when representational painting was still the only kind of art, only men were allowed to study nudes. Finally an American named Thomas Eakins opened an art school where women were allowed to study them too. Only women were't allowed to study human nudes, they only allowed cow nudes."
- from the soundtrack

Available as a bonus feature on DVD for End of the Art World .

3 minutes, 16mm, hand-painted color/so (1972) A Rafael Film Production.

Category: Experimental Film

Plot Keywords: Feminism, art history, women artists, Women's Studies, cows

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